“Save the Republic, using my Google calendar and map, and my email addressbook?”

I managed a Google Calendar for four years and really knew little about its capabilities, until I discovered a Google Calendar in Michigan that was set up to centralize events of Tea Party and 912 groups. This was created by person, or persons, who did not wish to “get credit,” but simply provide a way for “newly-emerging patriots” to connect and cooperate. Wow! Placing the events of ALL Michigan groups ALL in ONE place! Clearly, with all of the new “Ning” groups igniting throughout our state, we – and, as yet, unconnected citizens – needed something that would inform as to where, and how fast, this “patriot fire” was spreading! This looked like it would “fill the bill.”

Embracing this important development (end of October, 2009) I, and others, got to work. In addition to having the capability of adding Editors (who could post events), this Google Calendar had the ability to let “Subscribers” “add Guests” to those events – it would generate an RSVP guest invitation! Thus, it could become a powerful tool whereby individuals could “drive the movement” by simply using the calendar as a “mission outreach project.”

In order to more easily “get it out there,” we first put together a shortened URL (http://snipr.com/miactscalendar).

Being aware of groups who had, for a long time, shared the concerns of Tea Parties, we thought it would be well to “bring them into the fold” as peer “activists” in the cause of Liberty. (And they mobilized toward the Tea Parties with the same idea!) So, it was going beyond just the new Tea Parties, and bringing new, and old, together – thus, the term Liberty Activists seemed to better characterize this unity of new, and old, whose aim is to return to original founding principles of the Republic!

And so, it became clear that what we had crafted was not just a passive posting calendar, but rather an “Activist Calendar” – a vehicle whereby a vast, flat, and broad-based Liberty activist movement could manifest itself as a cooperating coalition of individuals working independently – at their own computers – using their email addressbooks, to produce calendar-generated “RSVP Invitations” to increase attendance at events and, in so doing, increase the membership of groups hosting those events!

One of our co-editors, a Tea Party member from Lapeer, had an idea to begin a Google Map that located the Tea Party groups in Michigan. The thought dawned on us that it would be well to package the calendar and map together under a new domain name. My son bought, and offered to host, the domain. My other son provided the html coding, and MichiganActivists.com was born, and it has fulfilled the vision by becoming a truly “shared tool,” by which any patriot interested can become one with the rest of us.

Seeing how well this could work, we decided to share it with another long-time Liberty Activist in California.  Not only did she share the enthusiasm, but she suggested that we take it to other states and, if I would do the footwork, she’d pay for the domains!  Surprisingly, not only were the other domain names of like nomenclature [(State)Activists.com] available, but so were the Google accounts that would feed them!  We got ’em bought, and hosted.

Having now completed the structural set-up across the States, we’re moving closer to fulfilling a vision where any Editor – or Subscriber – in any state can become the same in any other state where they know people. However, before this can become a reality, we need many more tenacious “1st Editors” who will take the lead to start-up their state’s “Activist Calendar.” They will need to be the ones willing to work hard, until other performing “co-Editors” come on board. to eventually lighten their workload.

Once all these Activist Calendars are well-staffed, and underway, we will then be able to simply “click on” any state’s events (whose Activist Calendar we’re subscribed to, through our Google Calendar accounts), post events we happen to come across, or otherwise lookup events already existing,, and send our acquaintances, living nearby, an RSVP invitation! That’s right, Subscribers (and Editors) in one state can actually generate attendance, and hopefully help build the membership of groups hosting those events – in other states!

We’re now looking for “1st Editors” for those state “Activists Calendars” that are in need. Simply click on your state, here, or on this “larger “Act Anywhere” map” link (also on the main menu of all state Activist Calendars at [YourState]Activists.com). If you, or someone you know, would like to be “a servant” to your state’s Liberty Activists, as a “1st Editor,” please email as directed at (YourState}Activists.com.

We’ve set into place certain minimal posting standards. Why?

Everybody learns at their own pace (hopefully, this Blog will facilitate that process for you). If you’re a new Editor, spend a little time here – it’s the best way to get the answers you need, expeditiously.  If there is something that needs addressing here, just email [YourState]Activists@gmail.com

A good check on your work is to proceed to [YourState]Activists.com to see how your added event is listing – in the context of other links.  Engage your power of observation to compare how your entry varies from others.

The goal is to produce a very useful tool for all of our fellow Patriots, and our Patriots-TO-BE, and publishers of events who will help us get the word out there!

If you run across an event which you don’t want to miss posting, but complete information is, as yet, unavailable:

Include event’s begin and end time at beginning of TITLE box entry, for example:

7p-8p City (event type) – Event Name

Check the “All Day” box.  This will invert the color appearance of the event on the Monthly View of the Calendar (it will appear like Alerts! appear).

Complete as much of the other data entry boxes as you can (including the post-Description standard text as to the Source group sponsoring the event, etc.)


Looking at the Monthly View of the Calendar, you should check with the group on any specifics, as the date draws near.  Once specifics are obtained,click on the Event, go into “edit” mode:

• DE-SELECT the “All Day” check box,

• Fill in the Begin Time and End Time (remove these from the Title).

• Update the missing information.

Then re-SAVE. You’ll see the event take its proper chronological place under that date.

Because these Activists Calendars are going to grow, and have many patriots working on them, we have established some minimal posting standards here – just a few, nothing too challenging.

At first, please, take a “little more time” to make sure you “get it.” When you’re finished with a post, go on over to [YourState]Activists.com – and see how your just-posted event is listing.  Does is list like the others?


When you post to a Google Calendar, in the event’s “edit details” screen, you’ll enter information.  Check out the Blog posts here for “Google Data-Entry Boxes”

Still have a question on formatting? First, employ your POWER OF OBSERVATION if you’re not sure. Spend a little time reviewing OTHER calendar entries, see how your fellow Editors handled it. Come back to this BLOG to see if we’ve covered it here. All else fails, shoot an email to [YourState]Activists@gmail.com

REDUNDANCY (in the Description data-entry box)

When describing an event, delete references to anything that you’ve already included in other data-entry boxes (street address, date, times, even Event Name – if you placed it in the Title box). As a general rule, keep the Description as lean as possible, referring to a website, if available, for more information.


If you have a better way of organizing an event’s description, please have at it.  As an Editor, as long as you keep the intention of communication consistent, there is nothing wrong with it.  However, if an attribution is part of the event, remove the person’s name, because it is no longer their words, but yours.  You’re still providing the intended communication, but it’s in your words.  Still note the group as the “Source” of the event, however.

Still not sure about something? Email [YourState]Activists@gmail.com and we’ll try to document answers provided on this Blog for everyone’s benefit. So, your questions are very important.


Please step up to the challenge of posting events for several groups. Be careful, though, not to “bite off more than you can chew”; better to start out small, and increase the numbers as you feel more comfortable with the work.

Should you desire to post for multiple groups, the work basically entails:

• Organizing your browser bookmarks for those groups’ “Events” pages.
• Periodically visiting those pages.
• Posting the upcoming events.
• As you learn of new groups, adding them to the map.


Check the MAP to see which groups are represented there. Email your state’s “1st Editor” to let him or her know which groups’ “Events pages” you’d like to cover.

It may be that you’ll need to become a member of the group in order to have access.  Also, after you’ve posted their events, send a quick note to the group. And invite them to have others join with you to build a “cooperative community” of patriots in order to help each others’ event attendance and membership building.


PRIOR TO POSTING: At your calendar.google.com account, make sure you click “OFF’ your base google calendar under “My Calendars” and click ON your intended Activist Calendar under “Other Calendars.” When adding a new event.

“What” (Title) box format is as follows:

City (event type) – Event Name  (Optional: Group, or other info)

NOTE: Event types are in parentheses and are generally in lower case. They are not “set in stone,” but kept abbreviated. They’re supplied primarily for searching the Calendar by Editors and Subscribers, alike.  Frequent terms include:

(educ) – educational

(reg mtg) – regular meeting

(plan mtg) – planning meeting



The MI Activist Calendar has many other examples you can review.

See also: “Where” box, “Description” box

  1. In TITLE box: City (event type) – Event Name (optional info)
  2. In WHERE box: Street ### and Street Name, City, ST ZipCode
  3. In DESCRIPTION box: Meeting Location Bldg / Establishment Name + Phone No. – Begin description… – Contact Person Tel. No. email address (if provided)
  4. Following text to conclude all postings (store in Notepad):– Source: Name of Group Hosting Event
    http://WebsiteOfHostGroup (join us!)

    Think of a friend to invite, then help expand the MI Liberty Coalition movement by FORWARDING this to them!

    – MAC Subscribers: Connect the “unawakened” to events / groups. BE A 1-PERSON ARMY!
    http://michiganactivists.com (join us – pass it on!)


At your calendar.google.com account, when entering a new event, Where box format is:

Street ### and Street Name, City, State ZipCode

Please, do NOT place anything else in this box. Why? Because the Google automatic mapping process may not work properly.

The Location Name (i.e., the even’ts venue – e.g., Ralph’s Restaurant), or Building name (e.g. “City-County Building”) plus its Telephone No. should begin your entry in the “Description” box, followed by a space dash space, then begin the actual event description.

See also: “Description” box, “What” box,

At your calendar.google.com account, when entering a new event, Description box entry

begins with:

Location / Establishment / Building Name (area) tel-ephone – Begin description . . .

and it ends with:

. . . end of description. – Contact Person  (area) tel-ephone  email@address.dom

post-description standard text (using MI Activist Calendar in example):

– Source: Name of Group (optional: reported by Editor Name)

Think of a friend to invite, then help expand the MI Liberty Coalition movement by FORWARDING this to them!

– MAC Subscribers: Connect the “unawakened” to events / groups. BE A 1-PERSON ARMY !
http://MichiganActivists.com (join us – pass it on!)

This post-description text is to provide links to connect readers to the hosting group, remind readers to think beyond themselves (bring others!),  and to link readers to your state’s Activist Calendar (hopefully bring more Editors and Subscribers to your Calendar; the greater the number of users, the more useful it becomes to grow the Liberty movement in your state.)

Adapt post-description text for your state’s Activist Calendar, copy and paste this in a Notepad. Keep it on your computer’s Desktop for quick retrieval, copy and paste at the bottom of every new event posted.


If you placed the Event Name in the Title (What”) box, don’t repeat it here.  If you put the street address, City, ST Zip in the “Where” box, don’t put it here.

(However, remember the Location Name – or the event’s venue name – starts this box, followed by its Phone No. You can find this information by plugging in the address in “Reverse Look-up” at WhitePages.com.)