Liberty activists are those citizens of any state who have awakened to the subversion of their Constitutional protections by their elected representatives. They have chosen to take action, and earnestly seek to effect change. Some have been taking action for years. Some have only just awakened, thanks to the Tea Party movement that began to coalesce substantively after Rick Santelli’s rant on the 22nd of February, 2009.

Speaking live, on CNBC’s Squawkbox program, Santelli indignantly confronted the Obama policies . . .

. . . and, in so doing, uncapped the public’s apprehension over the new Obama Administration’s “bail out” of Wall Street while professing his intention to “spread the wealth” – taking more from the productive, to give to the unproductive. It was prophetic that, before the end of that rant, Santelli was vebally annointed as a “revolutionary,” by his peers, after which he exclaimed,

“If you’ve read the Founding Fathers, people like Benjamin Franklin and Jefferson, what we’re doing in this Country, now, is making them roll over in their graves.”

(We, the Citizenry, would soon be reading the Founding Fathers.) Remarkably, within a week, the people began taking to the streets in protest, and the second American Revolution had begun. Not even a month later, the father of Common Sense, Thomas Paine, returned from the dead, in the person of Bob Basso, to reprimand us for our indolence,

“Have you become a country of Cowards, America? In the greatest show of arrogance and disdain any Congress ever showed any citizenry, you dysfunctionally-elite, self-interested, non-representing Representatives passed the largest spending bill without reading it  . . . and you did nothing!”

His discourse fanned the flames, and more and more Tea Parties sprung up. But Paine’s influence, together with a more longitudinal examination of when the tyranny went “full tilt” (after 9/11/01) worked in Glenn Beck to both re-write the Common Sense of today, and begin growth of the 9/12 movement and the groups that bear the name.

The Gadsen flag rose like the Phoenix, resurrected as a symbol of sober warning,

“Don’t tread on me.”

And citizen members of the Tea Parties assumed their proper responsibility of being vigilant about a Republic that was now in their hands to determine its fate at the eleventh hour.

At this first anniversary of the rant that set it into high gear, the rise of the Tea Parties have given new life to existing initiatives, while birthing others, in an attempt to address the core problems fuelling the continuing tyranny,

The FairTax Actscrapping the income tax with its Code that enables a a system of bartered tax favors between Politicians and Lobbyists, an the People’s expense

End The Fedscrapping the private Central Banking cartel, that has been the primary source for “boom and bust” businiess cycles since its inception on Christmas recess in 1913
Independence Caucusvetting prospective candidates for office, as Constitutionally suitable
National Precinct Activiststaking over the political parties from the bottom up
Oath Keeperseducating our military and police about their Constitutional oath to protect the people from enemies, foreign and domestic.

The well-entrenched powers

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