At your account, when entering a new event, Description box entry

begins with:

Location / Establishment / Building Name (area) tel-ephone – Begin description . . .

and it ends with:

. . . end of description. – Contact Person  (area) tel-ephone  email@address.dom

post-description standard text (using MI Activist Calendar in example):

– Source: Name of Group (optional: reported by Editor Name)

Think of a friend to invite, then help expand the MI Liberty Coalition movement by FORWARDING this to them!

– MAC Subscribers: Connect the “unawakened” to events / groups. BE A 1-PERSON ARMY ! (join us – pass it on!)

This post-description text is to provide links to connect readers to the hosting group, remind readers to think beyond themselves (bring others!),  and to link readers to your state’s Activist Calendar (hopefully bring more Editors and Subscribers to your Calendar; the greater the number of users, the more useful it becomes to grow the Liberty movement in your state.)

Adapt post-description text for your state’s Activist Calendar, copy and paste this in a Notepad. Keep it on your computer’s Desktop for quick retrieval, copy and paste at the bottom of every new event posted.


If you placed the Event Name in the Title (What”) box, don’t repeat it here.  If you put the street address, City, ST Zip in the “Where” box, don’t put it here.

(However, remember the Location Name – or the event’s venue name – starts this box, followed by its Phone No. You can find this information by plugging in the address in “Reverse Look-up” at

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